Preparing for Heaven

I am writing this blog in preparation for our final destiny…heaven. Why is heaven so important? Heaven is important because of God. Without God, there is no heaven.

God created man to be with Him in heaven. However, because of original sin, we could not be with God until Jesus Christ died for us and washed away our sins with His Holy Blood. Many thanks to our merciful God, for not giving up on us.

We are not meant for hell. Hell is for the demons. However, if man decides to reject the salvation offered by Jesus, then his/her final destiny is the same as that of the demons…hell with its fire, worms, and brimstone.

Life on earth has many traps and temptations designed to trick man into rejecting eternal life that is lovingly offered by God. To avoid these traps, one must lead a prayerful life of conversing with God throughout the day.

I quote a favorite passage that has been on our wall for many years, “Life only is about getting close to God. Nothing else matters.”

I hope that in this blog, I can lead others to accept the loving call of God to be with Him in heaven.


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